Wired and Wireless Networking

Is your network or Wi-Fi not working. We are qualified to diagnose and repair any network problem.

Securing your Wireless Network

You do not want unauthorized people accessing your network to cause trouble. We can help you setup your wi-fi with a secure password. If you offer wireless internet to your guests in a public area like a hotel or RV Park, we can setup wireless isolation, so users on your network do not have access to hack other wi-fi users.
We can setup your wireless internet in the most secure way.

Wireless Connection Problems

Do you have users who cannot connect to your wireless network? Sometimes the equipment is outdated or needs available firmware upgrades for the best compatibility and security.
We can troubleshoot and upgrade your wireless network. Call for an on-site appointment.

Secure your Wireless Internet to block Possible Copyright Infringement

Did you know that your guests can get you in trouble for downloading pirated music and movies online? If you offer wireless internet to your guests in a public area like a hotel or RV Park, it is absolutely necessary to install content blocking fileters to block file sharing networks.
We can install parental controls to block file sharing networks like BitTorrent.

Wireless Range Extenders

Sometimes your home or business is too large in square feet for the wireless signal range of your wireless router. This causes rooms that have little or no signal wi-fi signal reception. A wireless range extender can add additional wireless coverage areas to your home or business.
We keep these extenders in stock and we are available for on-site installation in our local service areas.