Software Services

Not only that, but we offer affordable, competitive rates and the area's fastest turn-around time! All repairs are done in our own shop, by our own staff. So no outsourcing your equipment and waiting weeks for the repair!

Operating System re-installation

This service includes completely formatting the hard drive and reloading original Windows Operating System, all available Windows service packs & updates, and all internal hardware drivers. We also include FREE antivirus and spyware removal software with every reload! Data files will be backed up and saved (pictures, music, documents, etc.). More information on "Data Backup."

Virus / Malware Removal

A virus can cripple your computer and wipe out all your data if not properly removed. Luckily, your friends at Comwest Digital Computer Services are very skilled with the removal of all viruses.
Removing viruses such as Trojans, Browser Hijackers, Malware and Spyware is no problem for Comwest Digital Computer Services.
We understand that not having access to your computer can be a major inconvenience. That is why we are proud to have an average turn-around time of 8 hours or less for most situations.
At Comwest Digital Computer Services, we make the process of removing a virus and getting your system back to you as quick and painless as possible. Need to know how long it will take to remove a virus from your computer? No Worries! Give us a call!
Occasionaly we will determine that a cleanup is not feasable, due to damaged system files. In this case you will need a clean installation of the operating system. (See Above) More information on "Virus / Malware Removal."

Won't boot into Windows?
Does your PC "hang" while booting up Windows?

This could be for one of several reasons. We're ready to fix your PC and get you back online.

Blank Screen?
Is your computer showing a blank screen on startup?

No problem! Contact us and we'll get it fixed in no time.

System Cleanup
Running a bit slowwww?

We'll give your system a thorough cleaning and remove all the junk programs, damaged system files and get it running like brand new!