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Terrance T. - Pueblo, CO 11/11/2016 Facebook

"Richard has been my computer tech since I moved to Pueblo in 2008, he is simply the best, competent, honest, plus he is a nice guy. I recommend him for any computer needs and I do mean any."

Cathy G. - Pueblo, CO 11/10/2016 Facebook

"Excellent and very fast same day service, Thank You!"

Steven B. - Pueblo, CO 10/20/2016 Facebook

Jo A. - Pueblo, CO 06/21/2016 Facebook

Jayme A. - Pueblo West, CO 06/21/2016 Facebook

Rick C. - Pueblo West, CO 06/18/2016 Facebook

"Bought computers there and had computers worked on, perfection every time"

Jesse H. - Pueblo West, CO 06/18/2016 Facebook

"Plain and simple! Richard is the best! I would recommend to all!"

Janet C. - Pueblo West, CO 06/16/2016 Facebook

James J. - Pueblo, CO 09/5/2015 Facebook

"Best Computer Repair shop in Pueblo area - bar none!!!"

Barbara M. - Pueblo West, CO 09/3/2015 Facebook

"Richard has worked on our computer needs for over 10 years. He's been very patient with answering all our questions - and we ask a lot of questions. Over the years, he's transferred documents from an older computer, built us a new one, and helped many more times with other computer needs. If we have a computer or Internet question or need, Richard is the first person we go to; he knows his stuff! We highly recommend Conwest Digital for ALL your computer needs."

Richard C. - Pueblo West, CO 09/3/2015 Yelp

"I've been working with Comwest Digital Computer Services for over 10 years. They do all of my networking and business computers for my properties, and personal computers at my home. They have been very reliable and quick to respond when I have called. They've recovered my files from failed hard drives, removed countless virus and malware infections. I cannot say enough about this company and Richard. I highly recommend their services to everyone."

Nancy F. - Pueblo, CO 09/2/2015 Yelp

I've taken my computers to Comwest Digital for over 2 years. Richard has always gotten them fixed the same day. He also takes time to explain all the details and options. I will not take my computer anywhere else. He is the best!"

Matt D. - Pueblo West, CO 09/2/2015 Facebook

"Best knowledgeable computer guy in Pueblo West and very friendly!"

Mary K. - Pueblo West, CO 08/23/2015 Facebook

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your help! When I just walk in through your door and say some grandchild had my computer, and I can't fix it, can't find what I am looking for, you have patience! I really can't thank you Richard enough for your kindness and help!"

Victor R. - Topeka, KS 05/6/2015 Yelp

"I'm from Kansas and was visiting the Pueblo area. I stayed at an RV park west of Pueblo West. I encountered computer problems during my one month stay. I phoned two listed providers located in Pueblo West. Richard was friendly, but business-like when I spoke with him the first time. He won me over with his no-nonsense, honest approach. One could sense that he is intelligent and knows his field of expertise. My laptop needed a battery and a new hard drive. I am almost a dummy when it comes to computers. Being from out of state, I was leery at first, but after addressing all my concerns and questions, I became convinced that he is a serious, small-business owner who tries his best to please the customer. I was almost obnoxious in my pursuit of understanding my laptop's problems and what costs I would incur to resolve them. Richard took the time and provided me with a combination of excellent customer service, more than competent repairs with reliable parts at a reasonable price. I would recommend him to anyone who has computer difficulties and needs fast, reliable, professional service for the money. You will not, at the end of the day, get more bang for your dollar. Thanks Richard for making my experience one that did not end up in buyer's remorse. Keep up the good work and you will have another 14 years of success in serving the computing needs of the area ."

Karran B. - Pueblo, CO 03/24/15 Facebook

"Thank you Richard for healing my sick computer!"

Steph A. - Pueblo, CO 02/23/15 Facebook

Chris H. - Pueblo, CO 10/13/14 Facebook

"Richard to the Rescue!! My computer problems again solved; seriously, I don't know how I'd manage without a dependable computer tech!! Same-day service is very much appreciated, THANK YOU!!!"

Chris H. - Pueblo, CO 09-16-14 Facebook

"Thank you, Richard, for your help!!!! So many hassles with computers and in my line of work it's usually me needing instant same day help when I'm in a screaming panic. He's very patient and explains things to those of us who don't understand computer workings. I would definitely recommend people bring their computers here for repair."

Joseph P. - Pueblo, CO 02/26/2014 Yelp

"Took our desktop to him early Monday morning with some issues and he fixed it and had it back in our hands in about 3 hours! Very reasonably priced, and excellent service, would recommend you give him your business!"

Juliette M. - Pueblo, CO 01/2/14 Facebook

Sam B. - Pueblo, CO 11/28/2013 Facebook

"I have been working with these folks since they opened. None better!"

John S. - Pueblo, CO 09/24/2012 Yelp

"I've known Richard for years. He is polite, he is passionate about computers, and he's knowledgable. I am very skilled in computer repair and troubleshooting, and when I run into an issue I can't fix.. I go to Comwest Digital and get Richard on the case. He has quick overturn on repairs, and he will also build you a custom computer to your specifications. He has many replacement parts in stock and ready to go, and if he has to order he has a guy who ships to him immediately. He's not only the best in Pueblo, but one of the top in the United States. Coming from a guy who knows great customer service and PC repair and troubleshooting, Richard at Comwest Digital is the best in the business."

Angella S. - Pueblo West, CO 10/16/2011 Facebook

"You are great and I do appreciate you!"

Jennifer M. - Pueblo West, CO 08/17/2011 Facebook

"Thank you so much Richard, I appreciate it"