Flat Repair Fee & Service Estimates

Can you explain your price structure?

Some computer repair and data recovery services charge a flat fee per service, others charge an hourly rate. A flat rate is arguably the best option, as charging by the hour can be an incentive to work slowly and charge more. If you're offered a flat rate, make sure you understand the full fee structure. It's no fun finding out after the event that there are a lot of add-on charges. Comwest Digital Computer Services has always worked via the "Flat Fee" structure, therefore, you will know the exact cost prior to our working on your equipment. No surprises, Ever!

Do you provide a free estimate for my computer repair?

With all the competition out there, any self-respecting computer repair service will be pleased to give you a free estimate.
A majority of computer repair shops charge a "Diagnostic Fee" to look at your computer, which is credited to your repair bill should you choose to have them perform the service. If you decline their service, you are still charged the diagnostic fee.

Comwest Digital Computer Services has always offered a free estimates on your repair, and we never have charged diagnostic fees to tell you your computer's broken!