Warranties & Guarantees

This ensures that if your computer breaks down with the same problem within 30 days of our repair, We will fix it free of any labor charge. This does not include viruses, spyware/malware infections, used parts or broken laptop jacks. Parts used for repairs are subject to a manufacturer's warranty. Generally this lasts for 12 months, but please ask for the details specific to the parts that you purchase. If you are not 100% delighted with any service that We perform, please talk to us. We will do everything reasonable to resolve the problem for you.

Our Warranties

New Computer Systems

Custom built by Comwest Digital Computer Services come with a generous 2-Year Limited Warranty on all components. (warranty does not cover any portion of computer software)

New Laptop Systems

Are covered under the manufacturers warranty, usually one-year.

Pre-Owned Computer Systems

Receive a 30-day limited warranty. This covers hardware related failures not caused by human error.
(Laptop battery life is not covered under this warranty)