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8 Questions You Should Be Asking

Do you provide a free estimate for my computer repair?

With all the competition out there, any self-respecting computer repair service will be pleased to give you a free estimate.

Comwest Digital Computer Services has always offered a free estimate on your repair costs!

Do you come to me or do I come to you?

If you have a laptop or notebook that needs repair or data recovery, the fastest way to get it fixed will be to drop it in, assuming the service operates from a store front. On the other hand, a desktop computer repair is often better carried out in your home or office, depending on the situation. Because you're going to be paying for a service, your own personal preference comes into it too. Look favorably on a provider who will do the repair where you want.

Comwest Digital Computer Services will come to your home or business depending on the service to be performed. Some jobs require that we come to you, and others require that your equipment has to be brought into our shop. Just call us for more information.

If the service provider will come to your home or business, you should also ask about any extra charge for this. You should expect a small extra charge. If you are quoted a rate way above that of the in-store service, consider whether you want to take your computer to the shop or seek a different provider.

Comwest Digital Computer Services has a "Travel Charge" of $35 to come to your home or business, in addition to the normal fee that would be charged on the service to be performed.

Can you explain your price structure?

Some computer repair and data recovery services charge a flat fee per service, others charge an hourly rate. A flat rate is arguably the best option, as charging by the hour can be an incentive to work slowly and charge more. If you're offered a flat rate, make sure you understand the full fee structure. It's no fun finding out after the event that there are a lot of add-on charges.

Comwest Digital Computer Services has always worked via the "Flat Fee" structure, therefore, you will know the exact cost prior to our working on your equipment. No surprises, Ever!

How much is your hourly rate for computer repair?

If the pricing is hourly, this question is as much to spare you from surprises when you get your bill, as it is to gauge affordability and value. A surprising number of people forget to ask the rate before allowing work to go ahead. Those same people are the ones who express shock and horror when it comes to paying for the service.

As we charge a "Flat Rate" per job, this does not apply to Comwest Digital Computer Services.

Do you have a minimum charge?

If your computer repair ends up taking just minutes, you should know what you will be charged as a minimum. In particular, if you are going to pay an hourly rate, you should expect the minimum charge to be no more than the rate for one hour's work. It is perfectly normal for a computer repair service to charge a "minimum bench rate". It's also customary for that rate to be the same as one billable hour. If you are quoted more than that, you might want to continue shopping around.

Comwest Digital Computer Services does not charge a minimum bench rate fee!
You will always know the exact cost prior to our working on your equipment, Always!

Do I have any recourse if the problem recurs after repair?

A reputable computer repair service will stand behind their work with some form of warranty on parts and service. If the answer to this question appears at all vague, don't commit to the computer repair. Try another service provider. Similarly, if the quoted warranty provides less than 30 days cover, consider the service questionable.

If we missed something during your repair, of course we will take care of it, without question, or additional cost. If your computer was cleaned of Malware or Virus infections, for example, and we see you 10 days later with the same issue, then we will not be liable for that!

Comwest Digital Computer Services offers a 30 day hardware warranty on refurbished equipment and a generous 2-Year Warranty on custom built computers. All other equipment, i.e., Laptops, Printers, etc. fall under the manufacturers warranty.

Can you explain your policy on data privacy?

Never forget that putting your computer in someone else's hands is to entrust them with your private information. Do not accept a vague answer to this question. A trustworthy and honest computer repair or data recovery service will spell their policy out to you, step by step.

Comwest Digital Computer Services will keep a backup of your data for thirty days, for your protection, just in case you have a need for your files. After thirty days, your information is safely, and forever removed from our backup system. Our clients are varied, and we have always protected their data completely!

Can you tell me when I might pick up my computer?

If you are taking your computer to the shop, it's reasonable to ask when you can get it back. This question is really more for your information, rather than a probing question about service. If the timescale given suits you, fine. If not, consider trying a few other service providers.

Comwest Digital Computer Services offers "Same Day Service" on all computer repairs, depending on time of day received and type of work to be performed. If your service requires us to order a particular part, this may extend your service, usually no longer than 24 to 48 hours of receipt of equipment.